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Is the MsmqIntegrationBinding used the msmq.formatname scheme or the net.msmq scheme?


MSMQ uses paths and format names to identify a queue. Paths
specify a host name and a QueueName. Optionally, there can
be a Private$ between the host name and the QueueName to
indicate a private queue that is not published in the
Active Directory directory service.

Path names are mapped to “FormatNames” to determine
additional aspects of the address, including routing and
queue manager transfer protocol. The Queue Manager supports
two transfer protocols: native MSMQ protocol and SOAP
Reliable Messaging Protocol (SRMP).

The addressing of a queue in WCF is based on the following

net.msmq: // <host-name> / [private/] <queue-name>


•<host-name> is the name of the machine that hosts the
Target Queue.

•[private] is optional. It is used when addressing a Target
Queue that is a private queue.

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