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Is it possible to replace the USB port/controller?


The USB ports seem totally dead, no power at all. It is because some soda was spilled on it (I presume, at least, may be randomly related with something else). I also corrupted my OS X install, have to reinstall freshly. Now, I haven't reset the SMC or PRAM yet, and that's the first thing I'll do (however as there's is no 5V power, I doubt this will fix it, correct me if I am wrong). However, if that goes sour, and won't fix the problem, what are my options? Here's how I was thinking:
Firstly, can someone tell me all the devices I should be seeing in the system profiler under USB? Also, isn't it so that a central USB controller also handles the internal keyboard and iSight which still work perfectly, meaning that only the ports themselves are damaged? Let's presume so, and that the USB controller chip is still okay. Should I just replace (desolder old, solder new) the female USB ports, or could the problem lie in the connection between them and the USB controller, and if the latter, how would one go about fixing it?

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