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How will you verify whether the AD installation is proper?


1. Verify SRV Resource Records
After AD is installed, the DC will register SRV records in DNS when it restarts. We can
check this using DNS MMC or nslookup command.
Using MMC
If the SRV records are registered, the following folders will be there in the domain
folder in Forward Lookup Zone.

• msdes
• sites
• tcp
• adp

Using nslookup
>ls –t SRV Domain
If the SRV records are properly created, they will be listed.

2. Verifying SYSVOL
If SYSVOL folder is not properly created data stores in SYSVOL such are scripts, GPO,
etc will not be replicated between DCs.
First verify the following folder structure is created in SYSVOL
Staging areas
Then verify necessary shares are created.
>net share
It should show two shares, NETLOGON and SYSVOL

3. Verifying Database and Log files
Make sure that the following files are there at %systemroot%ntds
Ntds.dit, Edb.*, Res*.log

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