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Explain the purpose of this newsgroup?


The newsgroup comp.lang.lisp exists for general discussion of
topics related to the programming language Lisp. For example, possible
topics can include (but are not necessarily limited to):
announcements of Lisp books and products
discussion of programs and utilities written in Lisp
discussion of portability issues
questions about possible bugs in Lisp implementations
problems porting an implementation to some architecture
Postings should be of general interest to the Lisp community. See also
question [4-9]. Postings asking for solutions to homework problems are

The comp.lang.lisp newsgroup is archived in
on a weekly basis.

Every so often, somebody posts an inflammatory message, such as
My programming language is better than yours (Lisp vs. C/Prolog/Scheme).
Loop (or Series) should/shouldn't be part of the language.
These "religious" issues serve no real purpose other than to waste
bandwidth. If you feel the urge to respond to such a post, please do
so through a private e-mail message.

Questions about object oriented programming in Lisp should be directed
to the newsgroup comp.lang.clos. Similarly, questions about the
programming language Scheme should be directed to the newsgroup
comp.lang.scheme. Discussion of functional programming language issues
should be directed to the newsgroup comp.lang.functional. Discussion
of AI programs implemented in Lisp should sometimes be cross-posted to
the newsgroup

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