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Explain the main benefits of Office SharePoint Server 2007?



Sharepoint provides simple user experience because of simple and consistent interface.
Provides good control over the content. It allows effective content management to increase the business value.
Simplify organization-wide access to both structured and unstructured information.
It allows us to group and connect people based on the kind of information.
It allows data sharing without leaking out the sensitive information.

SharePoint’s structure is made up of Site Collections and Sites. Explain them

Site collections: SharePoint is a collaborative medium which uses websites. The structure involves site collections which then include a list of sub-sites, all structured in a hierarchical manner. All the sites under a site collection have a common set of administrative settings, which enable maintaining consistent look and feel, features and branding among those sites. Every site collection has a top level site to begin with. The advantages of organizing a site collection are:

Sharing of libraries, galleries, branding, and consistent look and feel.

Unified way of administering multiple sites in a single collection including, security, policies, features, reports, BI etc.

Provides scalability in terms of a web farm, as each site can use its own content database which can be moved around as well.

Enables sharing of site columns, content types, web parts, authoring resources, workflow and other authoring features.

Enables unified navigation, search capabilities.

Sites: Sites are based on templates and may or may not have unique content and settings. Every site may have a unique template as needed. Some of the features of sites:

One can use language specific templates to create various sites

Define unique users/groups for every site.

Have every site its own welcome page and or other pages.

Use master pages or define unique layouts

Manage colors and skins through themes

Have different settings on sites based on regional settings

Have unique search capabilities within different sites

Have unique workflows in different sites.

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