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Explain me A Big Problem In Your Life And How You Coped With It?


When working with other people things do not always run smoothly. They may ask you what kinds of difficulties you have had with others and how you have overcome them.

You should be willing to discuss this frankly, because there are bound to be times when you will face these situations in the future. As a trainee journalist on a local newspaper, for example, you may be required to get stories from people or organizations who do not wish to co-operate. Your persistence, tact and resilience could all be examined in this situation and are all features which can be expressed when discussing this issue at interview.

Examples of problems you have coped with might include:

☛ * Sorting out accommodation
☛ * Divorce: your own or your parents'
☛ * Financial difficulty
☛ * A sudden change in circumstances
☛ * Having to deliver bad news

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