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Explain Mercury Interactive?


Mercury is the global leader in Business Technology Optimization (BTO) software and services. Our BTO products and solutions help customers govern and manage IT and optimize application quality, performance, and availability. Mercury enables IT organizations to shift their focus from managing IT projects to optimizing business outcomes. Global 2000 companies and government agencies worldwide rely on Mercury to lower IT costs, reduce risks, and optimize for growth; address strategic IT initiatives; and optimize enterprise application environments like J2EE, .NET, and ERP/CRM.

Mercury has a number of complimentary tools TestDirector being the most integrated one. They have a lot of third party support and test tools are usually compared first against Mercury than the others. Mercury tends to use third party companies to supply professional services support for their tools (e.g. if you require onsite development of test suites).

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Mercury Interactive Software Test Tools

Mercury TestDirector: allows you to deploy high-quality applications quickly and effectively by providing a consistent, repeatable process for gathering requirements, planning and scheduling tests, analyzing results, and managing defects and issues. TestDirector is a single, Web-based application for all essential aspects of test management — Requirements Management, Test Plan, Test Lab, and Defects Management. You can leverage these core modules either as a standalone solution or integrated within a global Quality Center of Excellence environment.

Mercury QuickTest Professional: provides the industry's best solution for functional test and regression test automation - addressing every major software application and environment. This next-generation automated testing solution deploys the concept of Keyword-driven testing to radically simplify test creation and maintenance. Unique to QuickTest Professional’s Keyword-driven approach, test automation experts have full access to the underlying test and object properties, via an integrated scripting and debugging environment that is round-trip synchronized with the Keyword View.

Mercury WinRunner: offers your organization a powerful tool for enterprisewide functional and regression testing. Mercury WinRunner captures, verifies, and replays user interactions automatically, so you can identify defects and ensure that business processes work flawlessly upon deployment and remain reliable. With Mercury WinRunner, your organization gains several advantages, including:
- Reduced testing time by automating repetitive tasks.
- Optimized testing efforts by covering diverse environments with a single testing tool.
- Maximized return on investment through modifying and reusing test scripts as the application evolves.

Mercury Business Process Testing: the industry’s first web-based test automation solution, can add real value. It enables non-technical business analysts to build, data-drive, and execute test automation without any programming knowledge. By empowering business analysts and quality automation engineers to collaborate more effectively using a consistent and standardized process, you can:
Improve the productivity of your testing teams.
Detect and diagnose performance problems before system downtime occurs.
Increase the overall quality of your applications.

ActiveTest. Can help ensure the users have a positive experience with a Web site. ActiveTest is a hosted, Web-based testing service that conducts full scale stress testing of your Web site. By emulating the behavior of thousands of customers using your Web application, ActiveTest identifies bottlenecks and capacity constraints before they affect your constomers.

Mercury LoadRunner: prevents costly performance problems in production by detecting bottlenecks before a new system or upgrade is deployed. You can verify that new or upgraded applications will deliver intended business outcomes before go-live, preventing over-spending on hardware and infrastructure. It is the industry-standard load testing solution for predicting system behavior and performance, and the only integrated load testing, tuning, and diagnostics solution in the market today. With LoadRunner web testing software, you can measure end-to-end performance, diagnose application and system bottlenecks, and tune for better performance—all from a single point of control. It supports a wide range of enterprise environments, including Web Services, J2EE, and .NET.

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