Client Server General Question:
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Do you know What are Super servers?


A super-server or sometimes called a service dispatcher is a
type of daemon run generally on Unix-like systems.

It starts other servers when needed, normally with access to
them checked by 'tcpd'. It uses no (or very little)
resources when in idle state. This can be ideal for
workstations used for local web development, client/server
development or low traffic daemons with occasional usage
such as ident and SSH.

There is a slight delay in connecting, thus when compared to
pre-spawn servers, a 'super-server' setup may not be all
that quick in reaction to connection attempts, especially
when under high load. Some servers, such as hpa-tftpd,
therefore takeover the socket and listen on it themselves
for some specified interval, anticipating more connections
to come.

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