System Engineering Question:
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Basic Common System Engineering Interview Questions:


Difference between telnet and ssh?
What do you need to do to start a service at startup?
What are different levels of RAID and what level will you use for a web server and database server?
Whats your favorite shell and why?
Describe the boot process of the Linux of your choice in as much detail as possible?
What debugging steps will you take when your manager tells you that the website is slow?
Are you a systems engineer or a systems administrator? Why?
How does a clock work?
How did they build the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt?
Do you admire any systems? Which ones? Why?
What is an example of a new issue in systems engineering / admin? What impact does it have on how you practice?
What do you think are common mistakes managers make when dealing with systems professionals?
What is an all-too-common example of unethical behavior for a systems professional?
Can you name a systems thinker from history? What do you admire about them?

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Tell me what experience do you have working in a computerized environment?Do you know great systems engineers, network engineers or systems administrators qualities?