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Are you familiar with (company name)?


In this question, I am not looking for a company history. I like to hear some basic things. If you are a large retailer, candidates should know your basics. "I understand that you are a major retailer in almost all 50 states." If you were on a smaller scale, it would help if the candidate checked out your website, or came in to browse a little bit before their scheduled interview.

After your first few "warm-up" questions, it is time to start asking some of the harder questions. Do not be afraid to ask (within the legal limits of course). You have a right as an employer to understand how an individual would fit into your company. Potential employees should not be afraid to ask questions either. If you are unsure of something that your interviewer says, or you want some further clarification on a topic, ask! It helps you come off as a proactive person.

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Why are you interested in employment at (company name)?What interests you most about selling to customers?