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Best online games

I want to play online games which is the best one...?

2013-02-13 04:31:08

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Re: Best online games

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Re: Best online games

If you're looking for a good free online game then you can play your best games at Pokabunga. I used to play Texas Holdem poker. Texas holdem is a variation of poker. In poker, you need 5 cards to make a hand, here's a list weakest to strongest:

HIGH CARD - self explanetary
PAIR - " "
TWO PAIR - " "
3 OF A KIND - " "
STRAIGHT - 5 cards in ascending order ie A2345
FLUSH - 5 cards of same suit
FULL HOUSE - 3 of a kind + a pair ie AAAKK
STARIGHT FLUSH - 5 cards in ascending order and all same suit
ROYAL FLUSH - 10JQKA all same suit

Texas holdem is played by each player being dealt two private cards, called hole cards. Then a round of betting starting with the player left of the big blind. When bettings finished, 3 community cards are laid visible on the table, this is called the flop, another round of betting this time starting from the small blind. Then one more card is laid visible on the table called the turn, round of betting, then the last card is laid on the table, called the river, then the last round of betting. The person with the best 5 card poker hand out of the 7 available (2 hole cards and 5 community cards) wins, or the person who bets all other players out of the pot wins.

Betting- when betting, you can:

CHECK - If noone bets you can 'check' meaning you don't put any money in the pot.
CALL- If someone has already bet an amount, calling is putting in the same money as the previous bettor.
RAISE - Put more money in the pot
FOLD - Throw your hand away

Blinds are a compulsary blind bet that is made before cards are dealt to get the action going. The dealer button is passed around the table before each hand, to the left is the small blind, and to the left of the small blind is the big blind. Usually the small blind bet is half the size of the big blind. So you'll always have BUTTON>SMALL BLIND>BIG BLIND.

Good Luck!

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