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JavaScript Tutorial >> Confirmation Boxes using JavaScript.

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JavaScript confirmation boxes can be a handy way to give our visitors an alternative of whether or not an action is performed. JavaScript confirmation box will pop up much like an JavaScript alerts, but will allow the viewer to press an "OK" button or "Cancel" button. Here is the necessary command for creating a confirmation box.

Syntax for JavaScript Confirmation Boxes

confirm("JavaScript Confirmation Box statement, Press OK or Cancel");

The difficulty is, if we use just that it isn't very handy to reuse of capture the user action. The JavaScript confirmation boxes will return a value of True or False, so this is what we must use to make use of the JavaScript confirmation box. An easy way to get the value for later use is to assign it to a JavaScript variable, like the below code for JavaScript Confirmation box capturing the returned value. 

Capturing JavaScript Confirmation Response

var respOfConfirmation= confirm("Press OK or Cancel.....");

Now, here we can use the respOfConfirmation a JavaScript variable to examine what the visitor responding to this JavaScript alert.  Here action is depending on the value the JavaScript confirmation box returned on behalf of user action. We can do this with an if/else statement block like below code we are handling JavaScript Confirmation response using JavaScript conditional statement [if/else].

Handling JavaScript Confirmation Response using if/else

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
function Confirm_Ok_Cancel()
 var respConfirmation= confirm("Please Press Ok or Cancel...");
 if (respConfirmation== true)
   alert("Hi you pressed Ok, I got it with JavaScript Confirmation response...");
  alert("Hi you Pressed Cancel, Have a nice tour of JavaScript Tutorial");

Now use the above JavaScript Confirmation box, its capturing and handling code in the body of our web page like this.

<body onLoad="Confirm_Ok_Cancel()">

Out put of JavaScript Confirmation Boxes.

When the page will be loaded or refreshed then visitor can have the below screen shore in front of him.

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JavaScript Alert, Confirmation and Prompt Boxes Examples

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