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Basic CSS Guide.
 CSS Introduction.
 What is CSS?                      
 Colors & Backgrounds.         
 CSS Fonts.                          
 CSS Text.                           
 CSS Links.                          
 CSS Classes.                       
 CSS Floating Elements.     
 CSS Margining.                  
 CSS Padding                      
 CSS Borders.                      
 CSS Layers.                       
 CSS Positioning Elements.
 CSS Properties.                  
 Good CSS Design.              
 CSS Summary.                   

CSS Tutorial >> Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Introduction.

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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a extraordinary tool to add layout to your websites. CSS can save you a bundle of time and with the use of CSS we can control the entire lay out of websites.  It enables you to design websites in a completely new way. This tool is a must for all web developers working with web designs.

This CSS Guide will get you started with CSS in just a few hours. It is easy to understand and it will teach you all the sophisticated techniques to implement CSS in your own created web pages..

CSS introduction is fun. As you go along through the CSS Tutorial, remember to take enough time to properly experiment with what you learn here..

CSS use requires basic experience with HTML. If you are not familiar with HTML, please start with our HTML tutorial before moving on to CSS.

Which software do I need while using CSS?

We recommend you to please avoid use of any software like Micro Soft FrontPage, Dream Weaver etc. with this tutorial. Advanced software will not help you if you are beginner to learn CSS. Instead, it will limit you and slow down your learning camber significantly.

All you need is a free and simple text editor and nothing more.

Like Microsoft Windows comes with a program called Notepad. It is usually located in Accessories in the start menu under Programs. Alternatively, you can use a similar text editor e.g. Pico for Linux or Simple Text for Macintosh.

A simple text editor is ideal for learning HTML basics and CSS basics; because it doesn't affect or change the codes you type. That way, your successes and errors can only be attributed to yourself - not the software, with this way you can learn more as compare to use of any software..

You can use any browser with this CSS Tutorial. We encourage you to always keep your browser updated and use the latest version.

A browser and a simple text editor is all you need through out the learning of Cascading Style Sheets and nothing more..
Let's get start it!

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